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A recent study shows that Fenugreek helps reduce both internal and external inflammation, in addition to improving sex life and reproductive function.

The compound found in Fenugreek is called emmenagogue and it opens obstructed menses, relieving associated symptoms of menstruation.

Fenugreek is known to possess; antimicrobial, antioxidant, antidiabetic, and antitumorigenic activities.

There are 7 major benefits for women that Fenugreek provides:

  • Improves digestive problems and cholesterol levels
  • Reduces inflammation of the body
  • Promotes milk flow in breastfeeding
  • Lowers inflammation from outside the body
  • Helps with eating disorders
  • Improves exercise performance
  • Relieves hot flashes and menstrual cramps
  • If that doesn't convince you that Fenugreek is safe and effective for women, it has also been known to naturally increase breast size and fullness.

    Muira Puama:


    The second ingredient in TestaZone® has been proven to boost libido in women as well as decrease stress and stimulate the brain.



    Women have tremendous stress, and the effects of Muira Puama have been known to reduce anxiety as well as emotional and mental stress.


    Mucuna Pruriens:

    The third ingredient in TestaZone® is a natural source of L-dopa, which in turn increases dopamine in the brain.  Dopamine is one of the chemical "signals" released by our brains for many of life's necessities like; motivation, attention, happiness, and many other actions and feelings associated with a better quality of life.

    Dopamine is also a reward system.  Your body naturally releases this chemical when previously experienced situations may re-occur, and we know, thanks to dopamine, to be excited and look forward to what's coming next.  The chemical has been called a natural antidepressant.

    It also helps relax the body decreasing stress and anxiety.  Because of the natural source of L-dopa in Mucuna Pruriens, it has been shown to aid in; anxiety relief, increasing brain power, calming the nerves, and uplifting your mood.

    The increased amount of dopamine can be particularly helpful for those with low levels, as in; conditions involving motor control disorders, seizures, diminished mental focus and depression.

    Mucuna Pruriens is one of the most beneficial herbs for; normalizing the nervous system, promoting better sleep, and deeply nourishing tissues and fluids throughout the body.

    In the Chinese Herbal System, Mucuna is acknowledged as helping to; restore the kidney/adrenal systems, reproductive abilities, and hearing and cognitive functions.

    Tongkat Ali:

    When it comes to women, Tongkat Ali has amazing benefits.  Fortunately, a great deal of research has been done on Tongkat Ali for women's health and it's another reason we added it to TestaZone®.

    First, it helps unwanted weight gain.  Hormones dictate metabolism and an imbalance almost always leads to weight gain.  Tongkat Ali may help reduce weight gain by stabilizing hormones.

    Second, it boosts energy.  When your bodies hormones are off it can severely lower your energy level.  In studies, when Tongkat Ali was taken, it helped in balancing hormones which in turn allowed energy to return, and that provides you the opportunity to feel like yourself again.  Don't forget, the boosted energy will also aid in your endurance during exercise.

    Third, it has been shown to increase a woman's libido.  Some studies have shown that Tongkat Ali is helpful in increasing the sensitivity to a woman's erogenous zone.

    Fourth, it promotes skeletal health and as we know, when women age, osteoporosis can be a debilitating disease.  Tongkat Ali has been shown to improve and support bone health.

    Fifth, research shows that Tongkat Ali reduces cortisol which is our main stress hormone.  Cortisol is produced in response to stress and is also one of the main contributors to stress-related weight gain.


    In clinical trials Tongkat Ali reduced; tension, anger, and confusion. Because the herb has been shown to reduce the effects of; stress, controlling your weight, sleeping better, and exercising routinely (if desired) becomes easier.


    Research has shown that Tongkat Ali contributes to normalizing blood sugar levels in diabetic and non-diabetic study participants.  Along with diet and exercise, this herb is extremely helpful in maintaining balanced blood sugar levels.

    The best part of TestaZone® is that exercising is an option.  Women are incredible beings and whether or not they have children, a career, a stay-at-home mom, or any number of challenges, the stresses of daily life causes time to slip away.  With TestaZone® women can take back their lives.

    Remember to always check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.